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Testimonials and FAQs


My story is simple and likely the same as many women. I turned 60 and I while I felt much younger, my face did not reflect that. I had always thought about some kind of face lift, but I had also seen many of my friends take the plunge, and the results were not optimal. Naturally, I was hesitant because of this, and I certainly was not going to go to any of my friends surgeons, based on their results. I wanted to still look like me, but just less tired looking.


Is plastic surgery right for me?

Plastic surgery can be right for anyone wanting to make changes for themselves and also if the choice suits your cosmetic goals. The consultation is necessary to help all our patients understand and develop realistic outcomes. Dr Rigan only recommends procedures that will provide optimal results with minimal risk.

Is plastic surgery safe?

All types of surgery, including cosmetic surgery come with some risks. Plastic surgery is relatively safe depending on various factors like, surgical qualifications, in-office center, ambulatory center and patient health profile.

What does Board Certified mean?

Surgeons with Board Certification have extensive training in the different types of procedures they offer and perform. To become certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), surgeons must complete additional years of training dedicated to plastic surgery after their basic surgical training. Dr David Rigan is Board Certified and a hand specialist.

How do I prepare for surgery?

Although patients receive instructions and guidance from Dr Rigan and his nurse on how to prepare for their procedure, there are some suggestions and techniques patients can employ to ensure a great outcome during surgery, recovery and beyond.

Patient can eat healthier, stop blood thinners, avoid smoking, alcohol and recreational substances before surgery. Patients can start an herbal supplement, Arnica, to help with bruising and drink pineapple juice or eat fresh pineapple to help with wound healing.

Is my cosmetic surgery covered by my medical insurance?

Plastic surgery is done for personal and aesthetic reasons. Unless it is medically necessary, it will not be covered by insurance.

Is plastic surgery considered outpatient surgery or will I have an overnight stay?

All of Dr Rigan's surgeries are done as an outpatient; no overnight stays are necessary.

What is the recovery (downtime) like after my cosmetic surgery?

Even though there can be minimal downtime after cosmetic surgery, surgery is surgery. Patients should take it easy and be careful bending, heavy lifting and over doing things until their post operative appointment, usually 4-7 days after surgery. A family member or friend should stay with you for the first 24-48 hours after your procedure.Your body is meant to move, so getting up amd walking is important, but no strenuous exercise should begin until 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Dr Rigan uses absorbable sutures, so no stitches to be removed after surgery and there are no drains used.

All the proper protocol is used to prevent any complications so they are rare. If in fact there is one or you think you have one, Dr Rigan is available to address this situation and take care of it. Do not hesitate to call us, we are always available.

General anesthesia or Local anesthesia?

Some of the cosmetic surgeries are done only under general anesthesia which will require a medical clearance and possibly some lab work.

Some surgeries can be done under general or local anesthesia. This would be decided and determined at the time of the consultation.

Is there pain after cosmetic surgery?

Everyone's pain is different but also very real to each individual patient. Pain medication can be prescribed for the patient and can be taken as needed.

Will I have scars?

Skin cannot be cut without scarring but Dr Rigan uses sutures that are buried under the skin and dissolve so the appearance of scars is kept ot a minimum. But each patient heals differently.

What if I want options other than surgery?

There is Botox for wrinkles in the forehead, lateral orbits (sides of your eyes) and the glabella (area between the brows)

Juvederm to fill the deep the smile lines and marionette lines on the side of your mouth.

Liquid Threading for the fine lines in the perioral (around your mouth) and horizontal lines in the anterior neck area and another option for the forehead instead of Botox.